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fulguritus wrote in nov2010at_home
Wow, no posts since Nov 8th and that was me!
Am I the only one still pregnant here? lol

I'm starting to lose my mucous plug!
I'm trying to hold out for a Sagittarius baby though. ;)
One week and one day more! I guess we'll see. Hehehe.

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I doubt you are the only one left pregnant! It's only the middle of November! I'm excited for you!!! :D :D :D Can't wait to hear the wonderful news!

I'll update for sure! :)

Haha, no I'm still here and not showing any signs of having a baby any time soon! I was actually thinking about doing an update since I just had my appointment today.

I figure I've got some more days but who knows. I'm hoping for 40w 1d ;)

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