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37w 4d update
fulguritus wrote in nov2010at_home
First off GBS negative! w00t!

Secondly, I'm a nesting -machine- at the moment.
I don't think my room has been this clean since we moved in. lol
Next will be the kitchen. And OMG am I gonna go crazy on it.
If only bending over was easier.

Oh and I had to take out my belly button ring today.
It just got infected -again- and I couldn't take it anymore.
I've had it in since '94, it shouldn't close up in only a few weeks, but still.
I'm tired of fighting it. I just want it to stop being puffy and painful. :P

The next thing is actually kind of a question-
I've been having shooting pains when I walk.
It feels like it's in my vagina or maybe bladder.
Definitely uncomfortable and uncool.
They stop if I squeeze my vag muscles and/or walk more slowly.
Any insight?
If not I'll prolly post this question to the main homebirth comm.

Thanks y'all.
Also, how ya feelin?


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Wow, you made it longer than I did with the belly button ring, haha. I took mine out probably around 29-30 weeks because it was starting to look funny underneath clothes and it was getting uncomfortable. I know it won't close up, I've had it since I was 16 (I'm 24 now) and it didn't close up with my daughter. I also had to take the nipple bars because the left one just wasn't healing and they are still new enough that I think it would have made breastfeeding painful. Plus the thought of the baby nursing on a boob with an open wound just kind of grossed me out =/ They've already closed up. Sad day :(

I've been getting the same shooting pains and I'm told that it's the baby's head moving and bumping against your cervix. It seriously feels like she trying to push her way through a completely closed cervix and it's caused me to cry out a few times!

Mine looked like my belly button popping out.
I cleared the infection up pretty fast and now my belly is a LOT more comfortable sans infection AND belly ring. It just got in the way and hurt too much.

My hubby had to take out his nipple rings too, they just never really healed after like a year. I can't imagine breastfeeding with them in. People do that? OW. Sounds painful. Have you noticed that there's any scar tissue or anything? Can you express milk from around the piercing alright?(if you're trying that is;) I can express a little.

You can also get them pierced again after you're done breastfeeding. :)

Oh and I talked to my midwife about those shooting pains and she said it is indeed, as you said, my cervix. But it's actually the process of effacement! Not comfortable!!

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