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Thanks my_everafter!
fulguritus wrote in nov2010at_home
I'd always forget what to post or to post at all without your promptings. :)

1. How far along are you? 37w 1d I can't believe it, it's amazing.

2. Symptoms and feelings? Guh ACHE. If I don't sleep enough I'm just useless.

3. Personal dramas? Oh a misunderstanding with the crush-man but really it was minor. Though my DH and I did have an argument, it was brief and ended with hugs and sweetness. Neither of us felt heard at first so we had to talk and talk about it till we did. Then I cried, cause I'm a creampuff of hormones. *sigh*

4. Appointments and tests? Appointment yesterday. My GBS came back negative! YAY!!!

5. Belly Pics? Mrf Next time. Sorry.

6. Cravings? Spicy food. Pretty much all the time. And fruit.

7. What made you happy this week? My sweet hubby being cute, silly and funny. And his help getting on shoes, picking stuff up, getting up etc etc. Oh I'm so thankful for him. Getting my belly cast done. Finding and using Grooveshark for music. Going to the Austin satellite Rally to promote sanity and or fear with my two favorite guys. Seeing so many friends there. Seeing my friend Jamie on Halloween.

8. What made you angry/frustrated/cry this week? Trying to get my shoes on. Failing. *sigh* I totally cried. Trying to find a costume for Halloween that I didn't feel like a lump in. lol My not-boyfriend having his phone cut off and not telling me, so I'm all hormonal and like, why isn't he responding to my texts? OH NOES EVERYTHING IS BAD AND HE HATES ME. Yeesh, my hormones make me mildly retarded.

Man my stomach hurts. Just ACHES. From pelvis to ribs. Unless I'm laying down.
I'm SO done.

On the up side, I've had no complications, gained little weight, am carrying small and really don't have much to complain about. My body seems made for this. Too bad I dislike being pregnant so much. :P


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