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32w 3d
fulguritus wrote in nov2010at_home
Sooo it's harder and harder to work.
But I can do it.
I've got tons of stuff around home to get done before baby comes.
I'm just so confused as to when to start my maternity leave.

So here's my work situation:
I'm a nanny to 3 kids -a 5 year old girl and twin 3 year old boys.
My day consists of getting ready for work, driving 40 mins, getting some food at the local co-op, picking up girl from kindergarten- I have to park and go in to get her. The driving to get the boys where we park and go get them, then buckle them into their back seat car-seats(I have a two door), the going to their house and getting them snack, sometimes bathing them, doing home stuff. By the time I've got them set up to watch their video I'm knackered. So I lay on the couch for 30-45 mins to recover. Then I'm okay to move around more. But it's increasingly uncomfortable.
I'm with the kids from 2:45-5:30pm. It's not long, but still. Oy.

Part of my issue is that I've been with them for 5 1/2 years. 5 days a week.
It's weird weird weird to be planning otherwise. :P

I just don't know when to take my leave. It seems early.
But at the same time it just kicks my ass.

Advice? Tales of your own leaves? Help a confused sister out. Thank you. <3


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