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nov2010at_home's Journal

November 2010 Homebirthers' Due Date Community
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This is an alternative DDC for those pregnant mamas who are due in October, November, or December.
C O M M U N I T Y  I N F O
This community is specifically for out-of-hospital birthers, particularly homebirthers and unassisted birthers. This is a safe place to talk about your pregnancy, birth plans, midwife/midwives, natural birth, natural pregnancy, etc. HBAC-ers are welcome with open arms! We are here to encourage and empower each other!

You MUST be planning an out-of-hospital birth to be considered for membership. This is a community created mostly for homebirthers, but we will also allow those mamas who are planning births at freestanding birth centers. If you are looking for a community to discuss natural hospital births, please check out naturalbirth!

The community is named "November 2010 At Home" for the sake of ease, but we also welcome mamas who are due in October and December!

C O M M U N I T Y  R U L E S
▫ Above all else, BE RESPECTFUL! We are all here to support one another and disrespect of any of our members will not be tolerated. It's ok to disagree and offer a different point of view, but please do it nicely.

▫ On that note, please be aware that if you ask for opinions, you might not always get the answer you want to hear. Please handle it like an adult.

▫ Do not delete, screen, or lock comments. If a problem arises, please contact one of the mods.

▫ Do not share what is posted here with non-members or other communities. We want this to be a safe space where everyone feels comfortable posting.

▫ Please only submit one request to join. There are two mods and one of us will approve you as soon as we can :)

N E W  M E M B E R  I N T R O D U C T I O N
Once you join, introduce yourself as soon as possible so we can start getting to know you! You are not obligated to use the form below, but for those who are looking for an introduction guideline, you can use the following. Just copy and paste the text inside of the box into an entry: