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27w 3d
Hi ladies!

I'm curious- are you still laying on your back?

I'm still -very- comfortably laying on my back. I mean I switch from side to side and to my back all night. My back is the most comfortable. I read that I wasn't "supposed" to do so after the 1st trimester. But I had a midwife tell me that some women can lay on their backs the whole time. I'm just curious about you.

Another thing- my feet are KILLING ME. Most of the reports say it's weight gain and edema. But my feet aren't appreciably swollen nor have I gained much weight(8lbs so far), so those explanations sound kinda...bunk. Buuut, I did read that it could be from the relaxin. Which makes sense. Any insights?

Also, how ya doin? :)

Mid-pregnancy sono!
We got our sono today and everything looked good and whole and healthy!
I'm SO glad.

I didn't feel like anything was wrong, but still, it's good to know.
Also my placenta is in a good spot.

If you're interested, here are the pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/45173143@N00/


I just got my first(The first) Squat magazine!

It's beautiful.

Annnnd...I think I've settled in on a midwife! YAY!
(for those not remembering, I wouldn't remember, my midwife has been caring for me but can't after August because she got hired on at the birthing center here in Austin)

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1. How far along are you? 22w 1d

2. Symptoms & feelings? Better!! I'm SOO glad I went to a chiropractor!! My hips feel GREAT. Like, sometimes I don't feel pregnant! It's crazy. Buuuut the baby has really started moving a lot. I am LOVING it.

3. Personal dramas? Oh man...my normally -very chill- life is in crazy uproar in some ways. I'm part of the Burning Man community. More specifically the Central Texas regional's community; it's been crazy. Bloviating, screaming matches, volunteer dissatisfaction etc ad nauseum. And me, being the advocate I am, made a nice long livid entry about how my friends were being treated and some of the problems I see with the event and organizational structure. Well, it blew up into craziness where I was being lied to and insulted. People got called out on the lies and it spilled over into our mailing lists. It's been an interesting week.

Oh! My husbands boss "forgot" or something, to pay for our insurance back in April. We found out last month that we have no insurance now. Isn't that peachy?? Yeah. So we're trying to figure out what we can do. Should be interesting. Not that I expect insurance to pay our midwife, but if for some reason I need to go to the hospital, I sure wouldn't like to pay out of pocket for it.

For all that, I'm still pretty even emotionally and feeling pretty calm, satisfied and happy. :)

4. Appointments & Tests? I'm interviewing a couple of midwives next week(mine can only care for me till next month, she got hired on at the birthing center the same week I called her.). I have a sono on the 5th too. So the next couple of weeks will be exciting.

5. Belly Pics? I haven't taken any in a while. I should do that. lol

6. Cravings? Hrm...Topo Chico bubbly water mostly. With lemon in it.

7. What made you happy this week? How my community(even with the drama ebbs and tidal waves) is really a strong tribe. Many of us have kids or are having them now. We're sharing baby stuff. I got a bunch of great stuff from a friend, and since our best friends are also having a baby she got all the stuff I won't need for a few months. Sharing is awesome.

Also, that I'm so happy with my husband.

8. What made you angry/frustrated/cry this week? When someone suggested I was bandwagonning, being myopic and overdramatic because I didn't agree with them. They backed down eventually. Also someone lying to me. Lame. Then the kids at work just making me SO tired. No tears that I remember, I've been weirdly even.

Oh so sleepy now. It's been nice reading all of your updates!!

Redhead pregnant
1. How far along are you? 19 weeks

2. Symptoms & feelings? Mostly the stomach issues have gone away thank goodness. I'm not starving all the time anymore like I was 2-3 weeks ago. But I still get heartburn sometimes. The bump is starting to get in my way! I accidentally drew on it the other day with a pen because I didn't realize my belly was so big. ha!

3. Personal dramas? See the crying question. :-(

4. Appointments & Tests? None to speak of really! I'm 1/2 way between midwife visits right now. At the last visit I found I was Rh- so I am researching Rhogam and whether to refuse the shot or consent to it.

5. 17 week belly pic :D (please work LJ cut)Read more...Collapse )

6. Cravings? Carbs, and the aversion to meat is kicking in again.

7. What made you happy this week? Feeling all those little kicks. Having my husband sing the baby a lullaby and feeling it move a LOT when he did so.

8. What made you angry/frustrated/cry this week? My granddad is dying. He lives a long way from us. He's been declining mentally for a long time and we all knew his death was inevitable. But now that it's actually happening it's hard. I called my granny yesterday and we cried together.

Updatey goodness
I love the update flurries. I'll get in on that.

1. How far along are you? 18w 4d

2. Symptoms & feelings? Feeling like a delicate flower/creampuff and not really liking it. I started exercising again, elliptical, stretching, yoga etc and on Sat night an INTENSE pain in my left scaroiliac joint had me hobbled. I couldn't walk upright. It was excruciating. Thankfully it eased up after a few hours. I have a chiropractor appt this week. Meanwhile I am afraid to exercise for fear that I won't be able to leave the gym unassisted. lol. Also, lots of other little pains and crunchy weird feelings from my ever changing pelvis/body.
Pre-conception I was doing intense workouts(similar to crossfit) and running. Now walking makes me creak.

3. Personal dramas? Oh I'm just too busy. My schedule is too packed and it makes me tired. But no real drama.

4. Appointments & Tests? Meeting a new midwife tomorrow since mine can't care for me after August.

5. Belly Pics? Read more...Collapse )

6. Cravings? Cornbread, meatballs and greens. Very soul foody right now.

7. What made you happy this week? Being able to walk again! Having some alone time this weekend to watch movies my husband wouldn't usually be inclined to watch. hehe

8. What made you angry/frustrated/cry this week? Movies made me cry, not being able to walk made me frustrated. Seeing the horrors in the Gulf made me nauseated, angry, sad and not okay. I don't know how people can watch the news at the gym and not cry!!(oh right, they aren't pregnant.)

Tomorrow I am interviewing that midwife and I have a house guest coming in that's been cleaning up the oil on NOLA and also has still been there cleaning up from Katrina. She's tapped out. I've never even met her, but she's friends with many of mine. I'm a little nervous, but I think it'll be fine. On Thursday, I have a Reiki class to teach and I might run into my ex husband on Thursday. Then Saturday we're hosting a huge fireworks party. So I have a few things in my direct future making me nervous. At least I have my chiropractor appt to look forward to. No nerves there, just pure excitement about being "fixed" lol.

Following my_everafter's lead and mod questions
1. How far along are you? 16w1d

2. Symptoms & feelings? Nausea today(pizza craving gone awry), tiredness still, nipples sore

3. Personal dramas? Nah. I wouldn't mind humping more, but we're both working and tired at night. Not really drama though. :)

4. Appointments & Tests? I posted in naturalbirth about testing but none more than regular blood testing at my prenatal exams. Oh I had a pap and some std tests to teach the apprentice how to do it.

5. Belly Pics? One behind the cut. Read more...Collapse )

6. Cravings? Man, more aversions than cravings but -sweets the other day, which made me feel like my brain was missing. Then pizza this morning which has me feeling barfy again after a nice rest from it. I'm just trying to eat healthy organic food. It's expensive. :P

7. What made you happy this week? Posting that belly pic on Facebook, laying down after a long day, my husband just being his awesome self.

8. What made you angry/frustrated/cry this week? My house being a wreck. Such a wreck. :( songs on the radio have made me cry, my job as a nanny has made me completely CRAZY with the twin boys being 2 1/2 and -never- shutting up and the 5 year old girl being well, 5 and in my face constantly.

All the complaining aside, I'm pretty happy, if tired. It's really nice not to be constantly nauseated. Being past my 1st trimester has calmed me down too. Now if I could just nap more often at work...

[edit] for mod questions

1. How did you come to the decision of homebirth? What events led up to that choice? I read Spiritual Midwifery in highschool and I've been set on the idea ever since. I apprenticed with a middwife in the late 90s and decided it was too much of way too many things for me to choose. So I've been a doula a couple of times since then but mostly focused on childcare and Reiki.

2. Related to #1, but a variant... WHY did you choose homebirth? If there's nothing wrong with me or my baby then there's no reason I need a doctor. That's why.

3. Have you/Are you telling your families about your choice to homebirth? Oh yes. No reason to hide. Not their choice and I don't care really how they feel about it. I am comfortable with sending them educational material if they need it. But really, they haven't pushed back much.

4. Have you/are you dealing with family and friends who disagree with your choice and are giving you grief about it?
A little, both mothers have said something and we've basically told them it's our choice and we'll let them read the research or pray as they choose.


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