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40w 5d!
fulguritus wrote in nov2010at_home
Whelp, tomorrow is December! I'm still cooking this turkey.

We had family in from out of town and all the gearing up that my body was doing just STOPPED. No contractions for 5 days. Which was pleasant but pretty not-productive in the baby-having department.

They finally left this morning. I'm betting it'll take me a few days to chill out from all the chaos before my body will be ready. Plus, they came, wanted every ounce of our available time, messed up our house and then left. *sigh*
So we have dishes and stuff to clean up. Instead of nesting and making ready we were entertaining. I adore them all but it wasn't conducive to making a baby come out. And of course because they all wanted to meet the new family member, there was continual "good natured" poking going on. Which stressed me the fuck out.

So we're alone again. I'm focusing on chilling out and reclaiming my space.
Man am I a vibrating ball of energy right now.

So yeah, my bet is Friday.

Anyone else out there still cooking your turkey?

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My turkey came on Thanksgiving, haha.

Sending labor vibes!

Awesome! I look forward to reading your birth story! Congrats!!

Where's the story! CONGRATULATIONS! :D :D :D

I'm working on it, haha :)

My baby came out when I was 40w 5d! I can totally understand having guests not being conducive to getting your turkey out. I'd be so stressed out after all that! Hope it's very soon- it's gotta be! Thanks for the update!

That's how far I am along!
I'm trying to get the stress out.
My hubby made a webpage to inform people check it out:


Hehehe, people have been calling and texting and messaging etc ad nauseum so this was our way of dealing with it. Plus, it's hilarious.

AWESOME website! I've seen one very similar, but not personalized, obviously! Here it is: http://www.haveyouhadthatbabyyet.com/

I'm so sorry about the calls and texts etc. How annoying! Hope the website shuts them up. :)

That's so awesome. I'm glad that's out there for people.

My hubby is a programmer so he just registered a domain for free, wrote the script and had a website made in like 10 minutes. Gotta love them geeks.

So far I've had no calls, just lots of amused comments at the site. :)

My hubby is a programmer too so I know exactly how that goes. :)

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