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Update aka I made it to Sagittarius!!! w00t!
fulguritus wrote in nov2010at_home
1. How far along are you? 39w 4d!!

2. Symptoms and feelings? Some BHx, though they've chilled a bit. I'm also being a LOT lazier because walking often makes these shooting pains in my vag. Ow. Hello effacement. My hips are achy whether sitting or standing or laying so I just deal. Not much to do there. I stretch a bit, that helps some. Baby is kicking and punching and whatnot. Soon I'll get to meet the little martial artist in person. :)

3. Personal dramas? Nah. Things have been chill. Bob and I are happy and calm. I made the mistake of telling my mom the girl's middle name we chose. She didn't like it and kept suggesting others. THIS is why people don't tell. Too bad, not your kid. lol But seriously, my middle name is GAY, what's she got to say? ;) Okay, it was her middle name but still it already meant homosexual by the mid 70s. Ha.

4. Appointments and tests? None. Though at my last appt I did ask them if they could guesstimate the weight of baby based on feeling. The relatively inexperienced apprentice said 7 and a quarter my midwife said closer to 6 and a half. Neat. I was really expecting more of an 8 or 9 pounder. Of course that was last week. But I doubt baby will gain 3lbs between then and labor day.

5. Belly Pics? I think this link will work... Let me know?

6. Cravings? Fruit! And easy food. Oh and as usual, spicy! No real heartburn either. I'm so grateful. A SCENT! The smell of incense. I haven't burned incense in aaaages and now I've got it going every day. Strange, but whatever. I want the house to smell good to me and so I've got nag champa and Devonshire's patchouli going. Which doesn't smell so much like patchouli but just smells yummy.

7. What made you happy this week? Watching Mushi-Shi with Bob. The weather and wind! Oh it's been so nice. Sleeping with the windows open. Knowing that this uncomfortable state will be replaced very soon by BABY! Incense. Getting some pics taken. Our families being on the way. My practically family of a friend having her baby yesterday(even though I haven't seen her in a LONG time she's still family.). Talking to people I love via text. Etc. I'm pretty happy in general.

8. What made you angry/frustrated/cry this week? Cry- movies and shows -always. Angry? Some of what Bob's having to deal with makes me both angry and frustrated. Um...bending over is frustrating. So is rolling over, getting up, sitting down, sleeping, moving, walking etc. I'm ready to feel good in my body again.

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I loved this post! Your pictures are fantastic. :) Incense sounds like a good idea- may have to get some of that! I can't stand the smell of patchouli so I liked that you said it doesn't smell like patchouli. lol! I don't know what it is about patchouli, but we got some patchouli soap and I can't use it!
Wow- you're super close now- SO EXCITING!!!

Soooo many people I know hate patchouli! I actually love it but stopped wearing it for years to suit the haters. I wish I could come get your soap. ;) And what's funny is that since I started using the soap to wash my hair people keep telling me how delicious I smell!! HA! It's so subtle that they don't realize it's the dreaded hippie stink! ;)
For the record, if you could tell from my pics, I'm not really a hippie. ;)

Thanks on the pics btw, they were fun to take. :)
I really hope I'll pop this weekend!!

I could pretty much copy and past your entire #2, lol. That's EXACTLY how I feel all the time!

Oh the ache.
It's funny, I've been studying pregnancy and birth for like 20 years, even apprenticed with a midwife and have been a doula twice. I didn't expect to dislike pregnancy -so much-, but I do.

I mean 9 months of pain and annoyance. This might be our only child.

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