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36 week update!
fulguritus wrote in nov2010at_home
1. How far along are you? 36 weeks today!

2. Symptoms and feelings? Oh man are my hips killing me at night. Every hour, when I have to get up to pee, I have to switch sides or it just ACHES. I've even been to the chiropractor recently. I'm guessing I'm just too gummy from the relaxin for it to work well on me. So I'm gonna start stretching more, see if that helps.
I've been still pretty even emotionally. I mean I love hard, cry hard and feel intensely if there's external stimuli to create it, but generally I'm just chillin. My boobs aren't really hurting anymore.
I'm starting to lactate, which is cool. No leaking but I can express some. Some days more than others, perhaps due to hydration?

3. Personal dramas? Nah, things are good and calm. We just had our baby shower and that was tiring (more the cleaning before and after than the party) but there wasn't drama.

4. Appointments and tests? So I did the GBS test today- love my midwife, I do my own pee strips and also did my own GBS test, in my own bathroom since today was the home visit. My thought on doing the GBS test is that if I get transported and haven't been tested OR are positive, I get antibiotics. If I get transported at the last minute then I can't get the antibiotics and Baby will. I'd MUCH rather I get them than my baby. So if I'm positive I'll deal with either the antibiotics or home remedies(which seem much more likely with my midwife) before birth to make myself "pure" for the hospital folk.
My midwife thinks it's usually no big damned deal, but since we're in a country that DOES think it is, we might as well do it in the best-for-baby way possible.

5. Belly Pics?

6. Cravings? Chocolate! And still spicy food. I've had very little heartburn and what I've had has been helped immensely by papaya enzyme pills. Which are yummy in their own right.

7. What made you happy this week? That I've only gained 20lbs this pregnancy so far. That I have such awesome friends. That I got to talk in depth with my man-crush about our feelings. That the shower went so well. That my mom got home from Maine safely. My man being so damned awesome and sexy. Smooching a friend. My husband's brisket- his first, it was great and he was proud. That we got the underpainting done in the nursery. Hearing baby's heartbeat today. Oh and so much more.
OH and that we've FINALLY figured out the baby names. YAY! If baby ends up intersex or something I guess we'll go with the boy's name, since it's more gender neutral. But that seems a pretty unlikely scenario.

8. What made you angry/frustrated/cry this week? Cry- the intensity of my feelings for my man-crush. Not in despair or anything, in intensity. We hadn't really -talked- about it in like 2 years. And Tuesday night I just decided it was time to come clean. That my feelings hadn't really changed. He said that his hadn't either. We've been fine and great for two years just being friends who love each other, so we're gonna keep on keepin on. It seems to be working just fine. God I love that man.
Angry- oh traffic and stupid people but nothing close to the heart.
Frustrated- Getting the house clean and ready for the party. But it got done and looked fine.

Other than that all is well and good and calm. I'm happy at home, loving my maternity leave. My husband and I are happy and stable as usual. He's busy so we haven't been humping maybe as much as I'd like but I'm a self sufficient girl. ;)
We got insurance which RULES. So if we need to go to the hospital we can and don't have to worry about $$$$$. YAY.
Things are getting close and we're nearly ready. Pretty cool...

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Yay! 36 weeks :D

You look awesome, mama!

My husband wishes I wanted to hump, lol. I'm like, "NO! Stay away! Pain!" I can't wait to give birth and get our sex life back to normal!

Aw, sorry you're in pain. You know, I've found that sex really helps my hip pain! Especially if I stick with it for a few minutes to get loosened up. Like it's not greatly comfortable at first, but I'm so freaking -horny- lol that I'm willing to tough it out. And it always gets to feeling better after a few minutes. Then I can actually get into it.

OMG I tried to be on top last time- HILARIOUS. That so didn't work. HA. Really me kneeling on the bed and him standing on the floor behind me is the only way we can comfortably do it. Hope that's not tmi. But if you haven't tried that position it might help with the pain. LOTS of pillows under my chest too. :)

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